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Image2-CstockSubluxation. Sounds like a relaxing word, doesn't it? Subluxation is a misalignment of one or more spinal vertebrae and causes physical, mental or chemical stress. Stress isn't very relaxing. Fortunately, a competent chiropractic physician can help reduce and/or resolve subluxations and remove the stressors allowing your body greater, pain-free range of motion and providing you the opportunity to achieve optimal health.

Why are misaligned vertebrae so bad for you?

The brain stem and spinal cord are the primary pathways for nerve impulses to and from the brain. Messages back and forth through these spinal nerves control health and function of nearly every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.
Nerve tissue is so important that it is the only tissue protected by bone. The skull protects the brain and the 24 moving bones of the spinal column protects the spinal cord.
A subluxation occurs when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position or get 'stuck' and create pressure on, or irritate, spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pressure or irritation on the nerves then causes those nerves to malfunction and interfere with the signals transmitted over the nervous system that helps keep your brain in touch with your body.
When vertebral bones are misaligned a lot of additional problems can result:
  1. Muscles supporting the spine can become too tight and go into spasm or can weaken.
  2. A rise in temperature from an increase in blood and lymph supplies results in swelling and inflammation. Discs can bulge, herniate, tear or degenerate. Ligaments and other connective tissue can also become inflamed and may suffer permanent damage.
  3. Bone spurs and other abnormal bony growths attempt to fuse malfunctioning spinal joints (arthritic degeneration). This spinal decay, scar tissue and long-term nerve dysfunction can cause other systems of the body to malfunction.

How does this affect you?

Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If there is interference with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100% of their innate abilities. In other words, some part of your body will not be working properly.

How do you get subluxations?

There are three basic causes of subluxations. Physical causes include accidents, slips and falls, improper lifting, repetitive motions, poor posture and poor sleeping habits. Stress, fear, anger are examples of emotional causes of subluxations. Alcohol, drugs (recreational or prescribed), pollution and poor diet can be chemical causes of subluxations.

How do I know if I have a subluxation?

You can have subluxations and not even know it. Like tooth decay or cancer, subluxations can be present before any warning signs (pain, symptoms) appear. Subluxations can be detected by performing a thorough examination. It is the responsibility of the Doctor of Chiropractic to locate subluxations and reduce or correct them. This is done through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.

Can subluxations clear up on their own?

Sometimes. Today's hectic and stress-filled lifestyles are a constant source of subluxations. Fortunately, our bodies have the ability to self-correct or self-heal many of these minor problems as we stretch or when we sleep at night. When subluxations don't resolve, you need a chiropractic physician.
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