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Oksana Kolesnikova
2013-11-18, 22:44
Back Pain
"As I sit at my piano for hours on end, my back and shoulders are constantly tense, often causing me much discomfort, which results in my not producing as much as I would like to get done in one day. Ever since I started my chiropractic care with Dr. Price, I have been able to work longer and without any stiffness or pain. Dr. Price's approach is gentle yet firm. I highly recommend to anyone who sits for long periods of time to go see her and get their backs straightened out. Thank you, Dr. Price, for all the great help you provide to me and to my staff."
2013-11-18, 22:43
Difficulty Walking & Decreased Strength
"Difficulty walking, had no grip strength in my hands, could not get in and out of bed without assistance ..... I could not even use my arms for lifting or any kind of movement, even had no strength in turning my wrists or use of my fingers. Now as of this date, I am able to do these things with my treatments from Dr. Price. Of all the pain I have had since 2004, I have 100% relief."
2013-11-18, 22:43
Difficulty Breathing, Hemorrhoids, TMJ & Neck Pain
"Unable to breathe due to pain ..... hurt through to chest. I had bleeding and painful hemorrhoids for 2 years and had medical and chiropractic care with no results until Dr. Price. My right jaw hurt and I could not bite a hamburger for a year and Dr. Price fixed that with adjustments......Also, my neck hurt to turn my head until her (Dr Price's) adjustments ...... Dr. Price has adjusted me and my vision is better, breathing is better and....my internal hemorrhoids ....I highly recommend Dr. Price ...."
2013-11-18, 22:42
Severe Headaches & Low Back Pain
"I had the symptoms 6 months or more. They were severe headaches and lower back pains. I was treated by a regular physician before with very little relief." "It" (Chiropractic) "has left me pain free....."
2013-11-18, 22:41
Low Back Pain & Upper Back Tightness
"I have had lower back pain and tightness in my upper back most of my life, ....I met Dr. Price several years ago and have been with her ever since. I now live pain free
2013-11-18, 22:41
Weight Loss, Neck Pain, Mid-Back Pain & Low Back Pain
I had gastric bypass, as I lost weight and my body changed, ..... causing considerable pain..... Chiropractic care gave me relief from pain!
2013-11-18, 22:40
Neck Pain & Low Back Pain
" Constant lower back & neck pain significantly affected all of my abilities. After several years of seeing other doctors, I decided to try chiropractic. Several people advised me against chiropractic, but I felt like I should give it a try. IÕve had great results......."
2012-03-08, 11:48
Neck, Hip & Leg
Pains/Problems...."I now have more energy, lot less pain. I needed relief and received it!"
2012-01-13, 11:39
Numbness, Low Back Pain & Neck Discomfort
"Lower Back Pain with numbness in left foot. Neck discomfort......" Chiropractic..."has been a tremendous help...." and Dr. Price uses "up-to-date technology."
2011-10-25, 22:37
"Tried....pills, pills, pills.....Since chiropractic.....a better sense of well being, ....walking better & enjoy life more, take very little medication & less pain.......For the first time I actually enjoy going to a health care professional!"
2011-10-18, 00:00
Carpal Tunnel
"....was diagnosed with carpel tunnel and had surgery .... pain and numbness continued in hand......after 6 months of chiropractic treatment from Dr. Price, pain and numbness was gone!"
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